Pics! from Kaspy

mmm...late night ninja-ing. wait, that was Keller's birthday -- and oh yeah, it was Kristen's idea. NOW it's your turn!!



love, sarah peterson


photo credit: andrew keller

DG Sisters!


Dana's Wedding

Alexis & Jon's Wedding!

We love Kristen because she makes everything
FUN!!!Jumping for Easter Joy

Girl cousins - gen1


...and rocking out!

Random Photos from LA

Beatles Rockband Sing-A-Long

Laura and Lisa visiting LA...1st stop...Yogurt Land!

Scare Christmas Caroling w/Lolly and Nat-Nat

Kristen loves her mommy

Kristen loves her Grandma

Kristen and Alana

Hey...it's Easter!


Sharing Birthdays w/Kristen...she gets all the attention!

Haaaaaaappy Birrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooo yoooooooooooooou!

Johnny & Kristen

Themed Parties! 2008 - Present

My Personal Favorite...
"IJustCameFromSomethingFabulous" 2 years in the making - Fall 2008
Where is Harrrry Paaaataahhh?"

SaddleRack - 2nd Annual - Fall 2009

4th of July 2009 - "I'm On A Boat" Theme! I think we all know where this cropped picture goes!

"Snip Snip"..."Can I Coat Check My Pants?" --Kristen

Dames & Fellas - Only Kristen would have held on to a 1920's hat just in case we had a theme party!

SaddleRack - Original crew - Fall 2008 - Moooostaches!

I love you Kristen! It has been a lovely 5 years celebrating B-days with you!
Happy Birthday and CHEERS to more amazing themes to come!

Home Spice

Themed Moment: The 20s. Kristen stole the show with her awkward silent movie star voice on New Year's Eve 2009. Share your gift Kristen!

Themed Moment: Prom. Kristen handmade these wrist corsages for Ramey's birthday party at Le Colonial. She picked up some flowers, but everything else was created on the spot with household items such as bobby pins and some sort of special tape that came out of the miscellaneous kitchen supplies drawer. She's lady MacGyver. She uses the whole buffalo.

Themed Moment: The 80's. This hapa Kelly Kapowski picked up a very pink and purple Kristen for just another Saturday evening. I would bet the farm that Kristen did not go shopping for this apartment party because I remember her fantastic costume drawer from our Jefferson Street digs.

This one time...Kristen came over for about all I can cook, spaghetti and meat sauce. We might have had a little white wine. I broke out in red hives because I'm Asian and we laughed a lot.

This one time...at our 2nd annual holiday gift exchange Misha had just discovered some sort of Hello Kitty application on her iPhone. I believe Kristen de-tagged on Facebook so I'm bringing it back. Home Spice you need to support this half of my heritage!

This one time...I saved a gifted bottle of dom perignon for New Year's Eve. We all took a sip and were too afraid to admit we did not know the taste of luxury. After we finally concurred that the bubbly must have gone bad we took off for a super classy evening at La Barca to ring in 2008.

This one time...I entered Kristen to be the next "Bachelorette" without telling her. This is the image I submitted to the producers. After eventually spilling the beans I found out it was the same team from "Becoming Britney Spears." It would have been the most dramatic rose ceremony ever in "Bachelorette" history.


More pics!

Oh yeah, I went there ... DG Dad's Day circa 2000 ... the night on which the birthday girl learned "Safety!"

Spring Sing 2008 ... with special guest, and Spring Sing 2001 Company Member, Kristen Isaacs

Wine Bar in SF

What would a birthday blog be without a shot of the Birthday Horn!!

Kristen's 23rd Birthday

Andi's Wedding in Oakland

Journey / Def Leppard Concert with Kristi & Angela ... epic night! And such classy outfits ...

Classic Kristen ... we know NO one else in this photo. She makes friends wherever she goes!

Kristen is quite the acrobat ...

Family Dinner in LA (February 2010)